Online Fundraising for Your Animal's Vet Bills

CrowdPet is dedicated to helping people raise money for veterinary care through our unique crowdfunding platform.

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How It Works

1. Create a fundraising page for your animal

Through our unique crowdfunding platform, we allow you to create an interactive webpage to promote and collect online donations for your pet.

2. Now spread the word to start raising donations

We make it easy to promote your fundraising page on all your favorite social media sites. You tell your friends, they tell their friends, and the word starts to spread!

3. Your animal gets the care they need

CrowdPet helps you raise money for all, or part of your animal’s expenses. Once you have raised the amount you need, your animal will receive the veterinary care they need.

4. We’ll transfer funds online to your vet

CrowdPet’s unique direct payment technology adds credibility to our fundraising platform, and ensures you can focus on taking care of your pet’s health.